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These best tower fan reviews are for you if you’re looking to upgrade your old windmill into a tower model.  There are a lot of reasons for wanting to do this, of course.  Tower fans have a far smaller footprint, are generally quieter in operation, and also use less power overall.  That said, just keep in mind that the exchange for that is a higher price.  Tower fans generally cost more than their windmill-style cousins, so do not be surprised if the purchase costs of the products below all punch above what you paid for your old model.

Lasko 2554 Wind Curve Fan

In this short Lasko 2554 review we highlight the most important pros and cons of this fan. If you want to the detailed information about the fan (and watch the video!), check out our Lasko Tower Fan Reviews page.

Lasko’s 2554 model is equipped with both Fresh Air Ionizer technology and Wind Curve technology to deliver fresh air circulation to any space.  It has an electronic timer, a remote control, and 3 fan speeds. It also has an oscillation range of 45 degrees towards either side.  It also has a safety feature that makes it turn off if it is tipped onto its side.


  • Ionizer contributes to the quality of the air
  • Very quiet
  • Seems to cool the air it blows out


  • Rather poor range on the remote
  • Poor range on the oscillation

This tower fan that has a lot of things going for it.  First, it’s rather sleek-looking so it wins in the looks department. Second, it combines excellent air cooling with an ionizer, so it wins in the utility department too.  In fact, this fan would be very nearly perfect were it not for the slightly shabby range of its remote control as well as on its oscillation.  Still, that probably wouldn’t trouble you much if you aren’t in too large a room.

Want to know more about the fan? Check out Lasko Tower Fan Reviews page.

Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan

This Honeywell model is a 3-speed tower fan equipped with a 1-12hr timer.  It has a liquid crystal display, a thermostat that you can program, a washable filter, oscillation technology, a remote control, and a flashlight (on the remote control).  It is more than 40in tall and has ionizing technology. This will cost about as much as the previous ones.


  • Sleek and modern style
  • Moves a good amount of air
  • Temperature control is very useful if the ambient temperature changes quickly or often in your area


  • Remote control has limited range
  • When put on breeze mode, it tends to oscillate in the amount of noise it puts out

This tower fan is actually a few inches under the size of the Lasko model preceding it in this list, but it puts out much the same amount of air.  It also has a slightly wider range of oscillation than the Lasko, which may render it preferable for users with bigger (or wider, at least) rooms.  It’s a bit noisier, though, so keep that in mind—not by much, but a bit.

Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan

This streamlined machine comes with a remote control as well as a motorized oscillation function to provided maximum coverage for your space.  It has 3 speed settings, a shutdown timer that extends as far as 8hrs, sleep and breeze modes, and an onboard storage nook for its own remote control. Cost less than the previous one.


  • Wide degree of oscillation
  • Has a button on the remote control that lets you turn oscillation on and off, and essentially freeze the fan’s direction mechanism from a distance so that it aims at a particular spot of the room
  • Cheap


  • Not as quiet as many of its pricier competitors

This is a pretty good-value fan for those who want a tower fan on a budget.  Even though it’s a shorty compared to other fans on this list, it’s still not far from them when it comes to how much air it actually moves.  This will serve most people’s needs for office, bedroom, or even living room cooling.  The wide-angle oscillation is definitely one of the biggest points in this fan’s favor, although you should keep in mind that it’s not the quietest of the options here.

Ozeri Ultra Wind Fan

This top of the line model offers 3 wind patterns, 90-degree oscillation, a 12-hour timer with single hour increments, and even an LED screen that has a night-dimming mode.  It can be operated by remote control and boasts a room temperature display.  It can also be put together by hand (tool-less assembly). It is a bit pricier that the previous ones.


  • Like the Holmes, has a button for turning oscillation on and off
  • Temperature display
  • Blows a lot of air


  • Pricy
  • Base is a little narrow

This is supposed to be a product designed for use in the hotel industry, so it’s probably little wonder that it looks as sophisticated as it does.  It has a lot of nice features built in, including a very easy-to-read LED screen and a nice remote control.  Still, it does come at a higher price than the previous models in this list, so it’s a little bit of an annoyance that its base doesn’t seem as wide or even as sturdy as it should.  It’s not prone to tipping at all, just to be clear, but those qualities of the base might bother some people even without that.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

This bladeless tower fan uses Air Multiplier technology to send out cooling air from the ring-like aperture.  Energy-efficient and quiet, it also has a sleep timer that can be adjusted anywhere from 15 minutes to 9 hours.  It has a remote control and 10 airflow settings. This is the most expensive fan comparing to all others from the article.


  • Very stylish
  • Very easy to clean
  • Very quiet


  • Moves/blows less air than blade-equipped fans
  • Costly

No lineup of top tower fans is complete without this, really.  The Dyson bladeless fan has to be one of the best-known tower fans today, not because it’s such a conversation piece.  Does it work?  Yes, but it’s still not as powerful as a bladed fan.  On the flip side, it does produce more consistent airflow, less noise, and more curiosity from you visitors.  If all of that (and its safety, naturally) are worth the upper pricing, then go for it.

Which Tower Fan Is The Best? Conclusion

Best Tower Fan Reviews: Lasco 2554 tower fanBest Tower Fan Reviews: Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower FanWhat’s the best buy here?  Evaluating them on a value-per-dollar basis and according to what most people probably want out of their fans, the best buy is probably a toss-up between the Lasko and the Honeywell.

Both aren’t among the priciest products for the category but still deliver some very solid value.  Of course, individual needs and preferences can change the answer here even then—if you have a strict budget, for instance, you may well end up going for the bargain item instead, which is the Holmes.

We hope you enjoyed reading our best tower fan reviews. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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