All About OSHA And OSHA Approved Fans

All About OSHA And OSHA Approved Fans

What Is An OSHA Approved Fan?

Following the findings of congress that injury within the workplace wore significant impactful financial burden, it was concluded that the separate states should be responsible for the provisions of safer working environments in an attempt to retain human resources resulting in the implementation of the Occupational Safety & Health Act, 1970 (OSH Act). In means of adherence, a department of the United States of Department Labor, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) was then initiated.

Working within federal jurisdiction,OSHA provides of the administration necessary for the adherence of the Act. Governing over 50 states and jurisdictions, OSHA is essential to assisting workers are provided a hazard free workplace preventing avoidable death and injury.

Dramatically reducing workplace injury since the beginning, OSHA are constantly improving services, and is still today an ongoing project. As part of the deliverance of their standards, random spot checks are conducted throughout the workplace and thorough testing carried out on equipment. Come about by workers bringing fans from home into work for their own comfort, there was a concern raised with the fact that these fans were in fact approved for use within the home, and not within the workplace.

All About OSHA And OSHA Approved Fans

OSHA Approved Fans

How OSHA approved fans are classified is defined by the specifications required by fanning units. This is achieved in accordance to whether they are “listed”, i.e. on a nationally recognized listing of safety assured products. Or if they are “labelled”, which refers to a sign or marking of nationally recognized standards. As a brief overview of the necessary requirements, they are:

  • The fan must have been produced to a nationally recognized standard, and be subject to periodic checks.
  • The fan must be labelled with a nationally recognized mark, assuring safety standards are upheld.
  • Affective from 1972, fans at 7 feet of working level are required to have an adequate metal mesh guard (or equivalent) in order to prevent working apparatus and persons from injury resulting from interception to the blades (reference).
  • The guard mentioned above must not have openings greater than one-half inch in width (reference).
  • OSHA accepts NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories) approving standards.
  • Fans used for personal use only with the workplace are subject to less strict conditioning than those that conjoined or are used in conjunction with other equipment.
  • Fans approved for home use will generally be accepted for personal cooling within the workplace (reference).

What does it mean for a household fan to meet to be OSHA approved?

When a fan is OSHA approved for household use, rest assured, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines are implemented and followed ensuring product safety is not compromised. Permitting users to enjoy their fan with confidence. Not only are you assured adequate protection from the blades, stability and durability, OSHA approved fans also offer exceptional safety against electrical faults, including electric shock.

Approving fans both at home and in the workplace it is easy to see that OSHA approved fans are the safest fan option for any condition. Rigorously tested and approved with the OSHA assurance of 45 years of safety administration.

There are many OSHA approved fans on the market today, and consumers should be aware of this prior to making a purchase. Offering a combined heightened safety aspect and exceptional performance you can’t go past the Lasko range of fans. Raved about by ‘fans’ from all over, the Lasko Metal Box Fan is a prime example of an elite product.

Lasko 2265 20″ High Velocity Quick Mount Fan

Having OSHA approved certification for its exceptional safety standards the Lasko 2265 Fan is an excellent choice of product. Offering a great look and hardy design, the metal guards are stylishly painted and are giving you a sleek finish. Beyond the appearance and exceptional function offered, the Lasko OSHA approved fan harbors a unique level of safety. Its grounded, three-pronged electric socket is patented and protects against surges and electrical faults by providing three times the grounding circuit, ensuring no shock is given to you.

ELT listed, the Lasko 2265 Fan is exceptionally covered by safety measures. The enclosing casing of the fan ensures high durability and smooth machine operation. Raved about by the users, the Lasko 2265 fan will absolutely satisfy your cooling needs with air flow adjustable in three speeds. This fan could literally blow you away! Ideal for those hot humid days or unaired rooms, the Lasko fan is suitability quiet in operation and contains ball bearings that make for weighted blade control, allowing smooth transitioning between speeds.

The heavy metal design makes for weighted and stable positioning and quality materials provide long term function. With the covering mesh grill placed in with heavy set screws you are able to move about the Lasko Fan Model 2265  with ease and comfort. Used within both the home and the work environment people are amazed with the exceptional standards provided by OSHA safety standards.

Lasko, in their compliance with OSHA also offers consumers excellent pricing making Lasko’s OSHA approved fans the most sensible buy around. Read more reviews of Lasko fans here.

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