Are Infrared Heaters Safe?

Are IR Heaters Safe? There are many questions you might have when you are thinking about buying an infrared heater. Like, are infrared heaters safe for eyes? Can infrared heaters cause cancer? Do they have any harmful effects on our body?

Well, this article is going to clear all your doubts on whether IR heaters are safe, what is the Infrared heater effect on electric bill, and much more.

Are IR Heaters Safe

With an infrared heater, you can keep any room warm no matter where you are. Using infrared heaters can help you lower your energy costs without compromising on the level of heat in your most-used spaces.

Heaters of this type are ideal for insulated garages, family rooms, and open living spaces. As they do not move large volumes of air, they do not dry out the air too much or spread dust about as much as forced-air systems. Additionally, their heating coils do not become extremely hot, which makes them safer than other types of space heaters.

How does it work?

Can infrared heaters cause cancer

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Infrared heaters operate by converting electricity into radiant heat. An infrared heater produces heat by causing molecules to vibrate and rotate within a quartz tube or rod. And as a result, Infrared radiation waves are produced. As these waves pass through the air at the speed of light, they transfer their energy into heat when they hit an object.

Infrared is the direct transmission of heat from a heater to an object (you and other objects in the room) without adding additional heat to the air.

Since infrared heaters come in so many different specifications, it is difficult to generalize. Electricity, natural gas, or propane can be used to power infrared heaters. These heating systems will have varying output levels, different controls, and various designs.

Are IR Heaters Safe?

Infrared heater effect on electric bill

The heat produced by infrared heaters is similar to what we experience when the sun warms our environment, and the wavelength most effectively absorbed by our bodies. It is 100% natural and safe (the harmful radiation is the UV radiation from the sun, not infrared).

Infrared heaters are more efficient in direct sunlight than they are in the shade, as the shade blocks a lot of the light. Moreover, like our natural big outside heater, infrared heaters in your home will only heat the space in front of the heater.

Can Infrared Heaters Cause Cancer?

People have been sceptical about the efficacy of infrared heaters and afraid of the health hazards they could cause, especially cancer. But scientific evidence suggests otherwise. These heaters are benefiting humans more than causing harm.

The use of infrared technology is medically proven to minimize pain and trauma related to cancer. Thus IR heaters do not cause cancer and all misconceptions revolving around them are based on fiction rather than reality.

Are Infrared Heaters Safe For Eyes?

Are infrared heaters safe for eyes
Image by nickfrom from Pixabay
Infrared can cause harm to your eyes at a very close distant, it can cause damage to your cornea, protective goggles should be worn if exposed. It is also important not to expose your eyes to infrared heaters for long periods as this can cause eye damage. There is no risk of injury to your eyes under normal usage conditions.

Infrared Heater Effect on Electric Bill

Since infrared heaters use less energy and provide long-lasting heat, they are very cost-effective to run. That is why their operating costs are so low. It takes less time for infrared heaters to heat up a room compared to electric, kerosene, propane, or wood.

Infrared heaters can reduce home heating bills by up to 50 percent when used with your current system because you can set the thermostat lower and supplement with infrared as needed. Thus, your electric bills will shrink as your home becomes warmer, faster.

Infrared heaters are cost-effective for a number of reasons –

1- Having an enduring heat source, they are able to consume less power to warm rooms.

As an infrared heater produces radiant heat, all of this heat is absorbed by solid objects, making the walls and surfaces of your home warm for a long time while using much less energy. Thus, they are highly energy-efficient and cost-effective heaters.

2- The thermostat can be lowered several degrees without causing discomfort

Heating your home with infrared heaters warms the walls and surfaces, which then reflect this heat back into every corner, bringing the temperature uniformly throughout your home. Hence, you can reduce the thermostat by a few degrees while still feeling the same warmth, which offers plenty of opportunities for cost savings.

3- With infrared heaters, you can direct heat where it’s needed most

Generally, infrared heaters work with a line-of-sight approach, so whatever they’re pointing at gets most of the benefit. The advantage of this is that your heaters can be directed toward areas you use frequently, such as your sofa, desk, or bed, to ensure that you get all of that comforting heat at once. It is an excellent choice for large rooms since you are not wasting energy and heat trying to heat the whole room.

4- Infrared heaters require no maintenance and have a long lifespan

These heaters have a simple yet extremely robust design that will last for decades without requiring replacement. You only need to look at the warranty period for these products if you still need convincing.

Moreover, infrared heaters don’t require maintenance over their lifespan, so they don’t require annual service or expensive protection.

Basic Features of Infrared Heaters – 

To get the best-infrared heater, you should make sure your unit has:

  • Easy-to-set thermostat with a built-in control
  • Quartz bulb (the longer it lasts, the better its value because replacement bulbs are expensive and sometimes hard to find)
  • A fan
  • Cool-to-the-touch exterior
  • A durable and flexible design that’s not prone to tipping
  • Suitable Heating capacity for your area
  • Rotating wheels for easy mobility

In addition to all these basic features, some heaters come equipped with a humidifier, replacement air filter, and ultra-quiet fans.

The popularity of infrared heaters during the cold winter months is growing, and it’s definitely a heating option worth considering.

So, Are IR Heaters Safe?

If used correctly and the instruction manual is followed, YES! IR heaters are safe! They are very popular and are an efficient way of heating your home.

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