Best Fans Reviews 2019

5 Contenders for the Top Spot This Year

This particular list presents an interesting mix of types, from the low floor fans to even the tiny clip-on ones.  Whatever the kind of fan though, you can be sure of something, as long as it’s on this list – it will keep you cool.

Now let’s take a closer look at the fans and their pros and cons.

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan 

Honeywell’s HT900 is aerodynamically designed so that it moves more air than most fans of its size.  It is 25% quieter than comparable to other models and can be set on a level surface as is or even wall-mounted.  It has 3 speeds, a 90-degree pivot for the head, and 7-inch blades.


  • Strong for its size
  • Produces just enough sound to make white noise
  • Fan can be swiveled such that it faces up


  • Does not have an easily removable grill

This is a great little fan, especially for those who want something handy for (or next to) their desks.

The fact that it can point upward is one of its strongest features, although some have reported too that there are models that tend to swivel and face up on their own.  This would obviously be an annoyance without a locking mechanism, but it’s far from universal complaint.

Lasko 2004W 2-Speed 6-Inch Clip Fan 

This 6-inch fan comes with a clip that can be used to mount and remove it from a variety of household objects.  The clip has rubber pads and permits tilting, locking, and rotation of the fan once in place.  It also has a keyhole mount if you want to use it as a wall-mounted fan.


  • Cheap
  • Very useful clip
  • Sturdy construction


  • The mounting base doesn’t feel as sturdy as the clip itself

Another winner in the small fan category, this Lasko deserves a place here not only because of how it performs but also because of its special mounting feature: a clip that can attach to a surprising number of things in your home.

The fan’s utility is only enhanced by this clip, which gapes up to 2.25in wide.  It can be clipped to a chair, a shelf, a table, treadmill bar, etc.  It’s also nicely strong for its size.  Don’t expect it to blow as much air as fans several inches bigger than it and you’ll realize it’s actually powerful, all things considered.

Vornado 660 Whole Room Air Circulator 

This fan uses Vornado’s Vortex technology for maximum air circulation.  

This is combined with the brand’s AirTensity Grill design, which boosts the distance that the air being moved can travel.  It boasts powerful deep-pitched blades, a chrome glide bar that lets you control the wind direction easily, 4 speed settings, and a 5-year limited warranty.

It has a blade diameter of 10.14 inches, and a grill diameter of 10.38 inches.  Despite its solidity, it is also lightweight and easy to move around as it only weighs 7.32lbs. This one is pricier than the two previous ones.


  • Moves an enormous amount of air
  • Very quiet (and stays tolerable even at the higher speed settings)
  • The wide base makes it very stable


  • Can be a little tricky to clean
  • Controls can be a little tough to work when using the fan in a dim room

This is a powerful fan with some good value.

The highest speed on this fan may make you gasp for breath if it hits you smack in the face, so it’s highly likely you will only be using the lowest setting if you do get it.  On that setting, it’s wonderful—very quiet but still strong enough to give the average bedroom a proper cooling breeze.  The angle of the pivot for the head is great as well, as you can swing it back all the way to face the ceiling.  It’s just a little bit troublesome to clean—and by this we mean to really, meticulously clean.  

That aside, it’s a wonderful machine if you want something to really get the air circulating in your space.

Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence Oscillating Stand Fan 

The Turbo Silence fan lives up to its name by using specially designed blades that move air with a minimum of noise—only 40 to 57 decibels, or library levels, in fact.  

It has a shaft that allows the user to adjust its height and it can oscillate for maximum coverage.  It is capable of moving over 2,400 cubic feet of air per minute. This will cost slightly more than the previous one.


  • Remarkably quiet
  • Sturdy construction
  • Powerful


  • Not exactly cheap unless it’s on sale

First, the bad: it’s not cheap.  The price makes it a relatively upscale fan in its category.  But then again, its performance is practically unmatched.  It’s very strong yet unbelievable quiet in operation, especially when compared to fans of a similar size.  Some might wish the base were a little less wide (it gets in the way when you want to put it next to furniture), but it does help with its stability.

Lasko #2554 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan 

This modern tower fan has an ionizer for air freshness, an electronic timer for automated fan management, and a 3-speed control setting.  It also has 90-degree oscillation and a remote control.


  • Appears to cool the air it moves whenever it blows it out
  • Very quiet
  • Stylish and compact


  • Oscillation range could be wider

This tower fan is a lovely piece that will be much easier to position than any of its windmill-equipped rivals because of its slim profile.  It’s strong, easy to use, very convenient (you have to love RC fans), and even boasts an ionizer.  Furthermore, it has the strange ability to put out air that feels cooler than that blown out by its competitors.  Overall, it’s a fantastic product for anyone who wants sleek and modern cooling.


The best buys here are the following stand fans: Rowenta Turbo Silence  and Lasko Wind Curve .

Both have great air circulation, stay within very tolerable levels of noise at most speeds, and are also pretty good in the looks department.  

Naturally, your needs might dictate that you should take one of the other options—you might be shopping around more for a clip-on or personal fan than a large room-cooling one, for instance—but on the whole, the two aforementioned models offer the most value for what you pay.

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