70+ Tips About How To Save Money On Air Conditioning Ultimate Guide

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Looking to Save Money on Air Conditioning?

This article will give you the tips you need to save money on air conditioning. Here, you will gain 70+ tips on how to lower your AC bill and keep your cooling costs down.

Not long ago, during a routine check over my household bills, I noticed that air conditioning is costing me quite a lot of money, month-to-month.

I knew it didn’t need to and set about finding the best ways to save money on air conditioning. It is great to be able to help readers save money whenever I can, so, in this article, I’m sharing these tips and findings. read more

Looking for the Best Fan to Cool a Room? Here’s How to Pick

Looking for the Best Fan to Cool a Room? Here’s How to Pick Featured Image

Want the Best Fan to Cool a Room? Here’s How to Pick

We’re looking at the best fans to cool a room on those hot, sticky days, and how to position them (especially since most are doing it wrong). Cool down here.

Want the best fan to cool a room on hot summer days?

In lots of places around the country, those without central air conditioning get really tired of summer, and it sometimes seems like fall is never going to arrive.

Air-conditioning systems help take heat and humidity out of the air – but they’re expensive.

These systems are energy hogs — they eat up kilowatt hours and generate massive energy bills for households.

So a lot of people try to get by with fans — but that can be difficult. You just don’t get the same blast of cooling – and you have to work a lot harder to get a house cooled down. read more

How to Clean a Tower Fan?

How to Clean a Tower fan

Just like any other type of fan, the tower style fans are inclined to build up a lot of dirt and dust particles inside. Because of this, your fan can benefit from a clean or service at 12-18 month intervals to ensure it continues to provide safe and reliable operational performance.

Any tower fan can use a clean when it is easy to notice dust building up in the area of the plastic venting. A regular clean is more important in homes that have family members with allergies that are made worse by dust build-up.  Instead of clean air circulating through the fan the build up of dirt and dust particles will be blown through the home. Plus, any dirt left inside the fan will make the motor work harder, which can lead to more noise while in operation and also shorten the potential lifespan of this home appliance.

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