Lasko Box Fan Review: Find The Perfect Fan For Your Needs

Lasko window fan

A lot of my friends have been asking me about box fans and some have read Lasko box fan reviews and are tempted by what they have seen, but aren’t sure if they’re powerful enough.

Lasko is a popular brand that makes many different types of fans and other air-related products. They have a wide selection of box fans, which we have reviewed here.

Why has the Lasko brand become so popular when it comes to box fans? And, do they make the right type of fan for you? We explore more here.

Comparison Table

Our choice
Lasko B20725 Metal Box Fan, 20-Inch
Lasko Lasko-20 Premium Box, 3-Speed (3723) Household Fans, 20"
Lasko Cool Colors 20" Box Fan Durable Metal Frame Purple
Lasko 3733 20" Fan Box
Price not available
Price not available
Lasko B20725 Metal Box Fan, 20-Inch
Price not available
Our choice
Lasko Lasko-20 Premium Box, 3-Speed (3723) Household Fans, 20"
Lasko Cool Colors 20" Box Fan Durable Metal Frame Purple
Lasko 3733 20" Fan Box
Price not available

Lasko: Presenting the Brand

We’ve written about the company manufacturing these products, Lasko, in our window fan review. Visit the link to learn more about the company, their ethics, and their history.

Lasko Box Fan Review: Lasko logo

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Presenting Lasko Box Fans

Lasko has a huge range of fans and this includes their line of box fans. In order to fulfill the needs of multiple customers, they’ve created box fans to suit multiple homes and environments.

Best Lasko Box Fans

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What these fans promise is a portable and affordable option for use in the home, which is slightly different from what is required in a desk fan or tower fan. They are simple to set up and use and relatively compact.

Lasko box fans are available mainly in a 20-inch size and each of the products in the range is pretty similar, when it comes to design. These fans can save you a lot of space and are a great choice for those who wish to extract things from a room and keep the airflow high.

Though they’re a little different from window fans, they can do a similar job if placed near a window. This means that smells, smoke, and stale air can be moved out and fresh air brought into a room.

Before buying from the Lasko box fan range, consider whether box fans are the right choice for you. They’re compact and usually very portable, as well as good for shifting air, but they’re not the quietest types of fans.

Think about whether the fan’s white noise will be welcome or something you want to avoid and also consider whether the size of the Lasko box fan is going to be big enough to give the power you need.

Lasko Box Fans

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Features and Benefits

The following features and benefits are common to the Lasko fan range and can help you decide whether they’re suitable for you.

Fans create a bit of white noise and this can sometimes be seen as a benefit and may even help you fall asleep. Even when it isn’t hot, some people use white noise videos, such as the one below, to aid their sleep and relaxation. Lasko’s guide to choosing a fan touches on this noise issue, too.

The price is another big selling point of Lasko box fans. Box fans, in general, aren’t the most expensive type of fan on the market. But there is a bit of variation when it comes to Lasko’s box fan prices, depending on the features, and you might pay more for a weatherproof option, for instance. However, most are pretty affordable.

Most of the fans in the Lasko range have a setting for three different speeds, to allow you to choose the power level you need. This will also have an impact on the airflow and noise created by the fan.

Box fans are relatively efficient, too. The Lasko brand says that their products with “Save-Smart” cost under $0.02 per hour to run and, in this study by, it was shown that some box fans can even cost less than one cent per hour to run.

Portability is another vital feature. As well as being lightweight, all of the box fans in the Lasko range have a carry handle, meaning getting them from room to room is easy. This can make them far more convenient than tower fans, for example.

Lasko 20" box fan

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Lasko Box Fan Reviews: 4 Fans To Take a Look At

Lasko B20725 20 inch Metal Box Fan

This Lasko metal box fan is a well-built fan with total metallic body and three blades. The blades of this fan are non-corrosive which makes it much more durable than regular fans. It is a very efficient fan which produces strong breeze and has three speed settings. Lasko B20725 is a very sturdy fan unit which doesn’t demand a lot of maintenance from its users. This box fan is OSHA (The Occupational Safety & Health Administration) and ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) certified.


  • Dimensions 8 x 22 x 24 inches
  • Weight 17.5 pounds
  • Three speed settings
  • Along with ETL also meets OSHA requirements
  • Complete metal structure (body, blade and handles as well)
  • Blades are made of non-corrosive aluminum
  • Top mounted switch (dial-type) for better speed adjustments
  • Long lasting model
  • Patented safety fuse technology
  • Comes fully assembled


  • Very efficient air propeller
  • A durable fan
  • Complete metallic frame
  • Three adjustable speed setting by a rotary switch
  • Speed control switch at the top of fan
  • Metal handle to move from one place to other


  • Expensive
  • Its heavy body makes it difficult to move
  • Noise producing especially at high speed


This Lasko 20 inch metal box fan is specially designed to operate for long periods of time.

It is very famous for its powerful air propelling technology.

Complete metal body and non-corrosive aluminum blades are distinctive qualities of this specific model. The non-corrosive property of this unit makes sure that this fan lasts at least a couple of seasons. Also, its sturdy structure doesn’t require a lot of maintenance as well. This fan comes with a three speed functionality which can be controlled from a top mounted switch (manually).

One of the major drawbacks of this fan model is its complete metal body which results in increased weight that makes the task of moving this unit a lot harder. Another issue is that it is not a quiet fan. Its high noise at higher speeds makes it a not so bedroom friendly fan. Plus it’s a little bit pricey as well.

So if you have enough resources, want strong breeze, have a fixed place to keep this fan unit and most importantly you are not a light sleeper, then go for this model.


Lasko 3723 20 inch Premium Box Fan

This premium box fan is a three speed durable model from Lasko Company. It has slim designed fully assembled steel body with five plastic blades that gives it a very attractive look along with some great durable features. But don’t confuse its smart design with weak functionality, this fan unit isn’t all about the looks, its powerful motor makes sure that it gets the job done. Its three speed settings can be tweaked for suitable operation. Its fused safety plug combined with its reasonable price surely makes it a satisfying product for most of us.


  • Dimensions 4.8 H x 21.2 L x 22.4 W (inches)
  • 8.4 pound shipping weight
  • ETL approved
  • Three speed fan settings
  • Patented fused safety plug
  • Top mounted dial-type switch for speed adjustment
  • Steel body and plastic blades
  • Cost effective model


  • Can operate at low, medium or high speed
  • Easy to carry because of handle on top
  • Slim and smart design so occupy less space
  • Speed can be adjusted easily due to top mounted dial-type switch
  • Makes good volume of breeze
  • Not an expensive fan
  • Removable front grills


  • Noisy
  • Blades are made of plastic


This 20 inch box fan is a very popular four star unit with affordable price and good features. One might consider this fan a heavy one by looking at its metallic body but it actually is quite light in weight and very easy to move around. Dial-type switch on top of this box fan helps to adjust its speed settings at low, medium and high levels. Its front grills are removable which definitely will make the task of cleaning this unit a lot easy. It’s actually really easy to assemble and disassemble!Major drawback of this model is its noise generation, so think twice before putting this unit in your bedroom. It produces considerable amount of noise at high speed settings.As concluding remarks it is among the cheapest box fans with slim smart frame and reasonably good features. If you are low on budget then this product is your best bet.


Lasko Cool Colors 20 inch Box Fan With Purple Metal Frame

Lasko Cool Colors fan is a beautiful and efficient 20 inch box fan which mainly comes in blue color. It is made of both metal and plastic which results in a fan that is durable and light weight at the same time. A rotary switch is present at the top to control speed settings (low, medium and high) of this fan unit. In terms of electricity consumption, some improvements have been made which is why it costs less than 2 cents per hour when compared to other box fans.


  • Dimensions: 22.56 L x 4.438 H x 21.5 W (inches)
  • 7.2 pounds shipping weight
  • Grill can be removed
  • Energy efficient
  • Durable metal frame
  • ETL listed
  • Dial type switch (top mounted) for speed control settings
  • 20 inches blade diameter
  • Includes a patented, fused safety plug
  • Constructed of steel and good quality plastic
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Can be cleaned easily due to removable grill
  • Large blades give good air flow
  • Elegant design
  • 3 speed settings (Low, Medium and High)
  • Consumes less energy
  • Portable


  • Not a quiet fan
  • Unstable feet cause vibrations and instability at high speed


Lasko cool colors 20” box fan durable metal frame purple is a serious contender if you want to buy a box fan that provide clean air flow to your home. Body of this model is made of metal and blades are made of plastic which means it’s satisfyingly tough and reasonably portable at the same time. This fan has the ability to operate at three different speeds. Each box fan of this model contains five blades; each blade is of 20 inches that gives a powerful breeze. Energy efficiency is also a key feature of Lasko B20308. Its 2 cents per hour reduction might not seem a lot but definitely will save you a noticeable amount of money in the long run. The fan unit is designed in such way that its grills can be removed with ease for cleaning purposes as well.

There are two major cons of this Lasko product. First it produces considerable noise even when it is at medium speed. So keep that in mind before getting this product. Second disadvantage is that its feet are not stable enough to support its weight at high speed settings which might make this unit vibrate.

So if you can bear a little bit of noise and vibrations then this product is a must for you.


Lasko 3733 20 inch Box Fan

Lasko 3733 20 inches Fan Box is an ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) listed light weight fan. It can work at low, medium and high speed settings. Its plastic body makes it portable enough to be moved from one place to another without any hassle. This box fan consumes less energy due to use of advance technology and light weight blades.


  • Dimensions 23.2 x 5 x 21.8 (inches)
  • 6.6 pounds shipping weight
  • ETL listed
  • Three speed settings to choose from
  • Top mounted rotary switch for speed adjustments
  • Noiseless operation
  • Energy-efficient
  • High air movement
  • Light in weight


  • Occupy less space
  • Portability is not an issue due to light weight
  • Minimal noise production
  • Less electricity consumption
  • Not expensive


  • More chances of breakage due to plastic body
  • Unstable during high speed due to light weight
  • Noisy


The 3733 20 inch fan of Lasko manufacturers is a perfect fan for small  and medium sized rooms.

Its small size makes it a perfect candidate for people who are looking for a space saving fan with reasonably powerful motor for extra airflow. It has a rotary switch at the top to adjust the speed according to one’s requirements. It is among the best light duty box fans due to its less energy consumption and efficient air flow. Its smart design and light weight make it a very popular choice among common people. The plastic structure of this box fan along with a handle at the top make the task of moving it a lot easier.

This unit has a few drawbacks too.

Although it’s small size saves a lot of space but it enhances the chance of damage to blades and motor. When fan is known to get unstable while operating at high speed and vibrates more than usual. Overall this unit is an efficient, quiet and low priced product that would not make you regret spending your money.


Final Verdict

All of these four box fans have their own pros and cons.

But when we rate them by comparing their features, the Lasko #3723 Box fan has the highest ratings among all four fans.

This is a splendid fan with many useful features.

It is a fully assembled smart fan that has the capacity to work at low, medium or high speed. To control the speed, an easy to use dial-type switch is present at the top as well. Reasonable price is also a plus point of this particular model.

On the downside, just like all other box fans this unit also has an issue of noise generation at high speed.

A dream model for middle class customers whose main limitation is the availability of resources.

On the second position is the Lasko B20725 Metal Box fan because of its complete metal structure and ability to provide an astonishing amount of airflow.

These features are what separates it from other box fans.

After buying this unit, you won’t be worrying about replacing it for at least 3-4 years. Lasko B20725 is also approved by ETL and OSHA which is a clear indicator of its efficient functionality. Heavy weight due to metal body hinders its portability. Noise production should also be kept in mind if you are planning on buying this metal box fan.

But overall, Lasko B20725 Metal Box Fan is a good choice for people who want to invest in a long lasting product.

On third position in this list of Lasko box fan review is the Lasko Cool Colors 20 inch Box Fan Durable Metal Frame Purple.

This unit is a little bit different in terms of appearance due to its unique royal blue color. This means that it can easily be adjusted even in the most well decorated rooms. It’s not all about its outer appearance though, it also is a durable fan equipped with lots of features. A speed regulator is present at the top of the fan with the help of which you can easily adjust its speed. It is an energy efficient fan which means that it will consume a lot less energy compared to other units, more specifically it will save you 2 cents per hour. Five plastic blades provide sufficient air even for large rooms.

Lasko B20308 box fan also has some disadvantages too.

The first one is its noise production which might be a deal breaker for most customers especially the ones that are light sleepers. Another thing that might create some problems for customers is its vibration at high speed settings. This is mainly because of its instable feet that aren’t suitable to handle its high speed vibrations.

Last but not the least is the Lasko 3733 20 inch Fan Box which is considered to be a simple yet efficient at what it’s designed for.

With its light weight structure, you can easily move it around single-handedly. Due to its light weight and plastic blades, the noise production by its operation is minimal at its best which is a plus. Also, it is specially designed to consume less energy compared to its counter parts which will save you a lot of bucks in the long run.

What might stop you from buying this unit is its simple functionality.

Unlike other products, Lasko 3733 doesn’t come with a lot of many features which mainly puts it into a low- medium duty fan category. Another thing worth mentioning is its vibrations at high speed which might be troublesome for some people. In short, this product is designed for lower or mid budget families.

If you want a reasonable priced medium functionality fan unit, then this is your best choice. Otherwise you should pick the ones that comes loaded with lots of features.

So you have a couple of high duty fans with lots of great features and a couple of low duty products as well. We have provided you with all the information you need to find the right product for yourself and your family.

So just read our reviews and pick the one that suits you best!

Useful Accessories For Your Box Fan

Each box fan should have a filter to make sure the air in your house is clean and breathable.

PollenTec Air Filter

To add an incredible power to your box fan, check out this washable air filter. It has an amazing ability to clean air thanks to a special filtration material it is made of. It will catch the majority of the pollen coming from outside with air as well as dust, pet dander, and other unpleasant things.


  • Made of filtration material PollenTec paired with a dense high air flow support layer of an antimicrobial filtration media
  • PollenTec material is certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF)
  • Captures up to 98% of airborne pollen allergens as well as large and small particles from the air, including dust-mite debris, mould spores, pet dander, and household dust.


  • Washable and reusable
  • Very good at catching the most of the outside dust


  • Fits standard 20” box fans only however! The company makes Premium Fan Buddy filter that fits bigger fans 21.5″ x 21.5″. You can contact them directly on Amazon to get the premium version of the filter.


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0 thoughts on “Lasko Box Fan Review: Find The Perfect Fan For Your Needs

  • Great heater quiet and effcetive. This is a great heater! We use it to heat the living area of our RV. The living area is approximately 26 x 10 with normal height ceilings. We’ve tried a few different compact room heaters, but they were too small to heat the area and also way too noisy. We’ve had the heater about 4 months now. Since we are staying in cooler climates, we’ve used it almost every night (overnight).The best features about this heater are:- It’s QUIET!!!Really!! We have tried many heaters in our RV and house over the years and they tend to be so noisy. The model we tried before purchasing the Lasko was so noisy we had to crank the tv volume up to hear over it. This Lasko seems to be about as quiet as a fan could be.- It has an automatic thermostat you can set.This model has a high/low and auto setting. The high/low settings are not thermostat controlled. You simply choose hotter or less hot air. The auto setting allows you to set the thermostat to the temperature you desire. It seems reasonably accurate . That is, the temperature it displays is within 3-4 degrees of the other thermometers I have around the room. Once you set the thermostat, the heater cycles on/off, just like you would expect. This is a great way to keep the room at your target temperature. We use this mode every night.- It oscillates.This sounds like a silly feature to list, but it makes a big difference in heating up a room. The previous heaters we’ve had did not oscillate. Therefore, the area directly in front of the heater was warmed, but the rest of the room was not. The oscillation really helps get the heat moved around the room so that you are not creating hot and cold spots. We always turn on the oscillation to heat the room. I am sold on that feature and would not buy another heater in the future unless it oscillated.- It has a remote control.The only thing that would make it better is if you could see the settings on the remote instead of having to look at the top of the heater. But, if they did that, the cost would go up. So, I’m happy with this remote given the price of the unit.There are a couple of negatives about this heater:- To me, it is annoying that it beeps for every setting you change. This may be a problem if you plan to use it in your bedroom and change settings while someone is asleep. The beeping is really apparent when you want to change the thermostat. When you unplug the heater, it resets itself to 75 degrees. So, if you then want to set it to 60 degrees, you are going to hear 15 LOUD beeps. Turn it on beep. Choose oscillate beep. Change to auto setting beep. Decide to up the temperature by 3 degrees during the night beep, beep, beep and your partner is now awake! You get the idea. I assume Lasko designed the beep so that you would know you changed something while clicking the remote control. But, it’s so loud they should either make it softer or give you an option to turn it off.- There is no fan only setting.It seems like most heaters I’ve purchased in the past have a fan only setting. I’m not sure why this one does not. Since you have the big unit sitting there in your room, it would be nice if it could be used to circulate air during the day when it’s warmer, and then heat at night once the temps have dropped. Since we are using this heater in our RV, it’s more noticeable to me since we need to have space for the both the heater and a fan. Oh well.Overall, we love this heater and would buy it again.I rate it at 4.5 stars.(PS we bought it at a local store, not via Amazon, so I can’t comment on shipping).UPDATE 1/18/2010: We’ve had this heater about 1 year now and it’s still going strong. One thing I’ve noticed is that it will build up lint (Ummm ok, cat dog fur ). I wish there was a filter we could access and clean more directly. Oh well, other than that this heater is still doing great.

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