Bionaire Tower Fan Review: How To Choose The Best Fan Made By This Brand

Bionaire Tower Fan Review

If you’re looking for a new fan, the chances are you will be presented with Bionaire products as an option. They’ve grown a lot in recent years and I’ve had a lot of people asking me about this popular brand. It is a pleasure to present a Bionaire tower fan review today and explore whether they are good enough for your needs.

In this article, we explore a little about the brand as well as the promises and benefits of their small but effective range of tower fans.

Comparison Table

Our choice
Bionaire BT014-U Personal Space Mini Tower Fan
Bionaire InchBionaire BTF4011AR-BU Tower Fan, 40-Inch, 40 inches, Silver
Bionaire BT36R-BU 36 Tower Fan with Remote Control
Price not available
Price not available
Our choice
Bionaire BT014-U Personal Space Mini Tower Fan
Bionaire InchBionaire BTF4011AR-BU Tower Fan, 40-Inch, 40 inches, Silver
Price not available
Bionaire BT36R-BU 36 Tower Fan with Remote Control
Price not available

Presenting the Company

Due to the fact that Bionaire offers a lot of different fans and air products, we’ve already discussed the brand in some detail.

We’ve explored the history of the brand fully in our Bionaire window fan review article. You can read more if you want to know about who is making the products.

Alternatively, the “Why Bionaire” section of their website discusses the benefits of their products in detail.why Bionaire?

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Presenting the Bionaire Tower Fans

The Bionaire range of tower fans has a few specific functions and features which set it apart.

When you look at these tower fans it is clear that you are not getting a cheap and flimsy option. Instead, you are getting a good level of reliability and plenty of tech features and controls.

Tower fans are good for those who want something which is free-standing, will cool a large room, and won’t take up valuable desk space or require a lot of specific installation. The Bionaire tower fans are portable and compact and therefore a good option for most homes.

Tower fans do a similar job to pedestal fans but are more compact and efficient. This article explores the pros and cons of both pedestal and tower fans.

Bionaire’s tower fan range isn’t the largest on the market.

They have a few different products to choose from including a mini tower fan. Because they don’t have as many tower fan products as some of the other manufacturers out there, you aren’t able to customize which you buy based on your home as much.

However, the few fans they offer aren’t short on features.

Bionaire Tower Fans

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Tower Fans Features and Benefits

Bionaire fans feature plenty of controls which you can use either on the unit itself or via remote controls. The mini fans in their range do not have remote controls, but this is not surprising when you consider the fact that they cost significantly less.

You can choose the rotation and fan speed either on the unit or by using the remote. If you don’t want your fan going full blast all the time, some of the fans have ‘sleep’ and ‘breeze’ modes to allow more comfort to suit the temperature in the room.

Their products don’t come fully assembled, but this is relatively simple to do and you don’t even have to be great at DIY to build yours. Most tower fans need some form of construction but the fact that Bionaire construction is quite simple means that you will save time. You can see both the assembly and an example of how the Bionaire controls work in the video below:

Convenience is definitely something that Bionaire has taken into account in their manufacturing. Their tower fans are pretty compact in size, meaning they don’t take up too much valuable space in your home. In spite of being compact, they offer “wide area oscillation” which maximizes the space covered in the rotation of the fan.

All of the models in the range are easy to carry with carry-handles allowing you to move them around your home.

The mini model in the range has a big benefit of being very affordable. For those who need a cheap and easy tower fan, this can be a good option. All of the models they offer are good value for money. Even as the features increase such as in the 36 Inch Remote Control Tower Fan, the price stays pretty reasonable.

I’ve picked out some of the top models in the Bionaire range of tower fans and reviewed them here to help you easily find their best models.

The popular Bionaire bt440rc fan is no longer available, as it has been discontinued. Instead, I’ve reviewed some of the newer Bionaire tower fans, to show the options that can currently be bought.

The Bionaire reviews below include both smaller, more portable options and larger, 40-inch tower fans.

Bionaire Tower Fan Reviews

Bionaire BT014-U Personal Space Mini Tower Fan

The Bionaire BT014-U is a positive option for people who don’t have a lot of space or just want a cooling solution that is compact and not an eyesore. Not many other brands offer such a small fan that doesn’t compromise on power.


  • Small and slim, meaning it fits into pretty much any space, whether on a table or the floor.
  • Quiet model of tower fan and can operate with just a small amount of white noise.
  • Oscillation function, which increases the area it covers in spite of its compact size.
  • Has an integrated carrying handle, which means you can move it from one space to another with ease.


  • No remote control. Many modern tower fans come with a remote control, so you can make alterations without having to get up – great if you are on the couch or in bed.
  • Only two speed options – many tower fans have three speeds or more. The low speed is also quite low and doesn’t provide much power.

Generally, the Bionaire BT014-U is a quality option and has a good level of power for such a small model. Its portability makes it one of the best choices if you want to move your fan around your home.


Bionaire BTF4011AR-BU Tower Fan, 40 Inches

A larger Bionaire fan, the BTF4011AR-BU is 40-inches in height and, though it sacrifices a little portability for more power, it is a decent option if you don’t mind something which takes up a bit more space.


  • Five different speed settings, as well as sleep mode and breeze mode.
  • Automatic shut-off setting can be set much like a sleep timer, which cycles through its different modes in sequence when it is on.
  • LED control panel on the top of the fan is very simple to use and the fan also comes with a remote control, to allow you to make changes without having to get up.
  • Thin design – not a small fan, but doesn’t take up too much floor space, due to how thin it is.
  • One of the models in the Bionaire tower fan range with sloping technology, which means even when it sits on the floor it points upwards to increase airflow at a useful height, rather than pointing at your legs!


  • One of the noisier fans out there – especially on the high setting, it can make a lot of white noise. On top of this, it has also been known to make a bit of a rattling noise. Some people enjoy white noise and can find it helpful for sleeping, but rattling isn’t ideal.
  • It is tricky to get the base and the tower fan unit itself to line up perfectly when you are putting it together out of the box.

If power is your number one priority, the Bionaire BTF4011AR-BU Tower Fan could be worth taking a look at, but just keep in mind that it is far from the quietest fan option. If you’re not keen on white noise, or think it may keep you awake, you might want to look at other fans in the range.


Bionaire BT36R-BU 36 Tower Fan with Remote Control

This Bionaire 36 inch tower fan is a little smaller than the BTF4011AR-BU fan and it is quite thin, but it still takes up some floor space. It is also quite a convenient model, but another fan that makes a fair amount of noise. Some people don’t mind this, but it is definitely worth considering.


  • Streamlined black design blends in with pretty much any home decor and doesn’t take up a huge amount of space.
  • Three different speed settings to choose from.
  • 8-hour timer.
  • Comes with breeze and sleep modes, during which it cycles through its different modes.
  • Quite lightweight and easy to move for a relatively hefty fan, although not as portable as the Personal Space model.


  • Very noisy when compared to many other models. Noise can also worsen over time. Even on the lowest fan setting, it can be quite loud.

Generally speaking, this is a decent quality fan and the controls are good, but if you aren’t a fan of a lot of white noise, this might not be the fan option for you.


Bionaire Tower Fan Review: Conclusion


The Bionaire BT014-U is the winner on our list of the top Bionaire tower fans. It has a small and compact design, which makes it portable and easy to use, but it is also pretty good in terms of its power.

I love that you can put it on a tabletop or on the floor, depending on what you need. The carry handle shows that it is meant to be moved from place to place. The BT014-U is also good if you are looking for a quiet tower fan, as it doesn’t create a lot of unwanted noise.

Another benefit of this particular model is that it doesn’t require the same level of assembly as some of the competing fans on the market.


The other fans on our list may be noisier, but are more powerful and have the extra benefit of being able to be remotely controlled.

Since the ever-popular Bionaire bt440rc fan was discontinued, people are looking at other choices within the brand’s range and the Bionaire models we have covered here in our review article show what is currently on the market.

Hope you liked my Bionaire tower fan reviews! Let me know what you think in the comments!

How to choose Bionaire tower fan?

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