How Do Tower Fans Work?

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Why Do Tower Fans Work So Well?

You may ask how do tower fans work? Here we go through exactly what a Tower Fan is, how they work and why they work so well.

Tower fans, also known as an Upright Fan, are an efficient way to circulate cool air in your home or office. Any high-quality fan of this type is more efficient at cooling large open spaces compared to the swamp cooler or air conditioner. Many of the modern fans are designed to operate quietly and are a perfect fit in a relaxing, noise-free environment. Plus, the tower fan has a sleek, compact form to make it possible to position in a corner or other out-of-the-way space. read more

Best Tower Fan Reviews: 5 Tower Fans to Check Out This Year

Best Tower Fan Reviews: 5 Tower Fans to Check Out This Year

Best Tower Fan Reviews

In this Best Tower Fan Reviews article we go through all the Pros and Cons of the most popular tower fans. Below are 5 Best Tower Fans and thorough reviews to check out for this year!

In the hotter months, fans can be a real savior, especially if you don’t have an air conditioner. I’ve noticed some of my friends (even those with AC units) turning to tower fans, as they are more eco-friendly than air conditioners and require less power to run.

Fan technology has improved a lot in recent years, so I wanted to put together a round up of the best tower fan reviews, to show you some of the top options. There are actually many different types of fans on the market, but lots of people find that tower fans are best suited to them. If you choose the right model, you’ll end up with a safe, energy-efficient fan that doesn’t cost a huge amount to buy or run. read more

Honeywell Tower Fan Reviews – Compare 3 Most Popular Fans

How to choose a Honeywell tower fan? Read our review that compares 3 fans #fan #fans #whatfans #coolingtips #honeywell #towerFan

Looking For A Honeywell Tower Fan?

Are you looking for more information about Honeywell tower fans? Wondering which Honeywell tower fan to buy. In these Honeywell Tower Fan Reviews, we will compare three different fans.

Recently, a friend of mine was raving about how happy she is with her new fan. It’s made by Honeywell and she really swears by the quality.

I’ve seen some very positive Honeywell tower fan reviews so I wanted to see what the fuss was about and share my research about the brand and the range. Are Honeywell particularly special or was my friend just used to rubbish, off-brand fans with no power? read more

How to Clean a Tower Fan?

How to Clean a Tower fan

Just like any other type of fan, the tower style fans are inclined to build up a lot of dirt and dust particles inside. Because of this, your fan can benefit from a clean or service at 12-18 month intervals to ensure it continues to provide safe and reliable operational performance.

Any tower fan can use a clean when it is easy to notice dust building up in the area of the plastic venting. A regular clean is more important in homes that have family members with allergies that are made worse by dust build-up.  Instead of clean air circulating through the fan the build up of dirt and dust particles will be blown through the home. Plus, any dirt left inside the fan will make the motor work harder, which can lead to more noise while in operation and also shorten the potential lifespan of this home appliance.
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Holmes Tower Fan Review: Cool Your Living Room Or Bedroom Efficiently

Holmes Tower Fan Review: How to choose a Holmes tower fan? 4 things you need to know about #fans #holmes #HolmesFan #homeDecor #homeImprovements #towerFan

Looking for a tower fan to cool your room? Holmes Tower fans can be a popular and affordable way to keep your home cool. I have a couple of friends who have opted for Holmes tower fans in their home and some even have more than one, as they have a lot of faith in the brand.

In this handy Holmes tower fan review, I’m happy to provide a full overview of the Holmes brand and, specifically, their range of tower fans.

Presenting the Holmes Brand

Holmes fans are made by Holmes Products, whose website can be seen here.

Holmes logo

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Bionaire Tower Fan Review: How To Choose The Best Fan Made By This Brand

Bionaire Tower Fan Review

If you’re looking for a new fan, the chances are you will be presented with Bionaire products as an option. They’ve grown a lot in recent years and I’ve had a lot of people asking me about this popular brand. It is a pleasure to present a Bionaire tower fan review today and explore whether they are good enough for your needs.

In this article, we explore a little about the brand as well as the promises and benefits of their small but effective range of tower fans.

Presenting the Company

Due to the fact that Bionaire offers a lot of different fans and air products, we’ve already discussed the brand in some detail. read more

Lasko Tower Fan Review: Read About Its Strong And Weak Sides

Lasko Tower Fan Review

If you’re in the market for a new tower fan, you might well have seen the Lasko brand and their products.

This is a really popular range of fans. A couple of friends of mine bought Lasko tower fans last year and when I decided to do some research and a Lasko Tower Fan Review to see if their products live up to the hype.

In this Lasko tower fan review, you will get a comprehensive comparison of the most popular Lasko tower fan with two other models. I will compare their features, pros, and cons in order to understand why the Lasko 2554 model is the best one among other Lasko tower fans. read more